[Learning] Famous school: Exploring the prestigious universities in North America

Date: February 3, 2019 to 11th

Suitable for the crowd:

1. Families with high school students;
2. Undergraduates who are not attending an ideal university and wish to transfer out;
3. Immigration families who want to have an examination of the educational and business environment.

Why choose the western Pacific universities? The western Pacific is the gateway to Asia, with a friendly and safe environment, a gathering place for the sunrise industry, and very high employment opportunities. There are the top 50 universities in the world, such as Stanford University (3), the University of California, Berkeley (8), the University of Washington (25), and the University of British Columbia (27). This program offers a well-designed university experience that allows children to walk into prestigious universities and reach out to top scientists. It is a global hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. The program takes you to visit Silicon Valley, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Boeing, so that children can see the global technology giant.

From February 3, 2019, in Vancouver, we accompany you to visit the west coast famous school in North America! We arrange admissions officers or professors to elaborate in detail the admission conditions, learning costs, graduation whereabouts and other issues of concern to everyone!

First stop: The University of British Columbia (UBC) in beautiful Vancouver is a leading public research university in Canada. UBC ranks among the top three universities based in North America with companies, behind MIT and Stanford, and has maintained its academic prowess at one of the top 20 public universities in the world for many years. UBC, known as the Pearl of the West Coast, attracts many world-class students every year, especially scientific research, and is a world-class research university. In addition to diverse students, a global vision and outstanding research, UBC’s Vancouver campus is also known as the most beautiful campus in North America.

Second stop: SFU University, named after explorer Simon Fraser, who explores the Vancouver area, is the top comprehensive public research university in North America, ranking 1st Canadian integrated University in 2017 by Maclean’s Magazine, with human-computer interaction (HCI), computer science, and business among the highest in the world.

Third stop: The University of Washington in Seattle, a famous West coast city, is one of the world’s top research universities, with a huge annual financial research fund in the top three universities worldwide, with a high reputation in the world’s academic community. The University of Washington is the top of the nation in medicine and computer science. At the same time, Microsoft, Boeing, and other companies have long funded UW in computer, information and engineering research.

Fourth stop: Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, University of California, Berkeley: The world’s leading public research university and one of the freest and most inclusive universities in the United States; Berkeley is one of the two cradles and agglomerations of the Chinese elite: the training of 104 Nobel laureates. Zhu Yuwen, Li Yuanzhe, Wu Jianxiong, Zhungxiaowi, Qiu Chengtong and a group of Chinese scientists.

Fifth stop: The prestigious Stanford University, together with the University of California, Berkeley in North Bay, San Francisco, forms the academic center of the western United States. In the past 10 years, the world’s reputation ranking ranked in the 5th place. Stanford University has laid a solid foundation for the formation and rise of Silicon Valley, educated the leaders of a number of high-tech companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Google, Yahoo, Nike, Logitech, Snapchat, EA, Sun Micro Systems, NVIDIA, Founder of companies such as Cisco and LinkedIn. Stanford University finished second, with 28 billionaires, second only to Harvard University, according to Forbes ‘ 2010 inventory of the largest number of billionaires.

We have also carefully arranged for tour members to visit business events and learn about business opportunities in North America through communications with renowned companies and chambers of commerce.

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