UBC stadium guide

For students overseas
Parents are most worried about physical health problems.
Plus the turtle speed medical in Canada.
As a college student, our muscular physique is particularly important.

The editor hereby launches the UBC stadium guide
Farewell to the boring weekend.
Looking forward to six abs and mermaid lines
You can also meet some fit little brother & little sister accidentally (intentionally).

1. UBC Student Recreation Center
Programs: Fitness, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor football

SRC is the most diverse venue for school sports, and due to site constraints, the types of games available at various times are adjusted. The second floor includes six volleyball courts, three basketball courts, and twelve badminton courts. The first floor is mainly equipped with gym and flushing room. There are lockers to rent, pay attention to register the student card at the front desk upon entering. The first floor of the gym is UBC’s main gym, students can apply for a semester card with only a meager price, but because students all over the world are very fond of fitness, so it will be eye-catching and more crowded at the same time, of course, you can have personal training with an additional charge. The school village also has another gym, which is of a private profit nature and will cost more than SRC.

Address: 6000 Student Union Boulevard
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 7am – 11pm
Fri: 7am – 10pm
Weekends: 9am – 10pm
Price: All drop-in venues are free for UBC students, open to the public with a rate of 5.5 dollars each time, unlimited duration, it is recommended to google the schedule before going.

2. Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center
Programs: Skating, Figure skating, Ice hockey

The venue consists of 3 ice rinks, each time you can go to the front desk. If you want to rent shoes, it is also at the front desk, 3~4 dollars once. The Ice rink offers a training program for things such as ice hockey and novice skating. It is recommended to take a friend who can skate with you, or ask the scene staff for some tips. There will be much fewer people in the day than the evening. At the same time, students are advised to watch ice hockey in winter. It is exhilarating.

Address: 6066 Thunderbird Boulevard
Opening Hours:
(Refer to UBC ice schedule)
Price: free admission for students

3. UBC Tennis Centre
Program: Tennis

The venue offers twelve indoor tennis courts and one outdoor tennis courts. The indoor site is well closed. There have also been two new outdoor tennis courts in Totem Park recently. At the same time, UBC Tennis Bubble also has four indoor tennis courts, which offer various courses. If you need to rent the site in advance, you need to fill in the rental form at http://www.recreation.ubc.ca/tennis/.

Address: 6160 Thunderbird Blvd, Vancouver
Opening Hours: 08:00am-10:00pm
Price: different venues, different periods have different prices. Around 20~30 dollars.

4. UBC Aquatic Centre
Program: Swimming, Diving

Hate sweating, and love physical fitness, swimming is the best choice. The UBC new aquatic center boasts the best swimming pool in Canada. In addition to swimming, there are hidden features such as bathing, sauna, and steaming. Among them, the swimming pool is divided into competition pool, recreation pool, and leisure pool. Hot spring on a snowy winter day is terrific. Each pool uses a ramp entrance, which is safe and convenient. Those who can’t swim can also study in the class. Students are free of charge except class.

Address: 6080 Student Union Boulevard
Opening Hours: 06:30am-9:00pm

5. Rashpal Dhillon Track & Field Oval
Program: Athletics

Of course, there are the most traditional track and field. Playground runways don’t have a lot of people except for school team training. It’s good to have a crazy run on the go, to release yourself, and to decompress at the end of the semester. There is also a football field, a baseball stadium and other sports venues on the side of the playground.

Address: 2329 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver
Opening Hours: All day

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