The editor’s hidden guide of Vancouver food street!

Vancouver, as a large city in Canada with a large number of immigrants, brings together food from all over the world, while Richmond’s Alexandra Rd, is also the leader of gourmet gathering, today, the editor shares her long-hidden food street foraging guide to everyone!

Life Sketch

Life Sketch is a restaurant that combines food and entertainment. It not only has the fast and convenient Taiwan light meal but also has the hot automatic Mahjong machine room. The rare restaurant in Vancouver that opens till 2 AM every day. But the shortage of Life Sketch lies in the high price and does not give guests a sense of value for money. And there’s a minimum consumption limit of 6 dollars~~~

Location: 8400 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Average cost: 35 dollars
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 12:00 noon-2:00; Friday, Saturday 12:00-3:00

Desktop Maggie

Maggie means good friends in Taiwanese. This is also the purpose of this restaurant owner: friends to share delicious food. The advantages of this restaurant are good service attitude, very suitable for a friends party, more importantly, its desktop hot fried is very pleasant.

Location: #1180 -8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Average cost: 25 dollars
Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday to Sunday: 5:30 pm-11:30 pm

Leisure Tea & Coffee

Central in Taiwanese snacks and drinks. In addition to the ancient Taiwanese food like bean flower, taro circle, and fairy grass, there is also some western-style milk pine cake. The editor’s favorite is their pudding milk shaved ice (and then add pearls, taro, and extra condensed milk), super delicious! Their favorite desserts, ice cream, and waffle are also highly recommended

Location: 1110-8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Average cost: 20 dollars
Opening hours: 12:30-1:00

Master Tian Hunan Cuisine

Master Tian is a Hunan cuisine hall that has been hailed by all the people. The new store has a very spacious environment and has rooms. Their menu is also stunning, printed with excellent cuisine. The store also has a popularized lunch supply, 9 dollars for a bowl of Hunan flavor rice flour, plus some special snacks; it is very cheap! Each dish has a large portion, but the taste is spicy.

Location: 8251 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Average cost: 30 dollars
Opening Hours: 11:00-22:00

Foreign Mother House Japanese and Korean cuisine

The editor particularly recommends the spicy big bone soup of the Foreign Mother House. Good flavor to drink, the portion is sufficient, the bone has a lot of meat, soup also has potatoes, vegetables, plus five free small dishes, spicy cabbage or something (can be continuously added), the price is 24.95, very cost-effective. Seafood cake feels not as good as before and is very oily. Stone pot mixed rice is still delicious.

Address: 8320 Alexandra Rd
Average cost: 30 dollars
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday 10:00-23:00; Friday to Saturday 10:00-0:00


This ramen restaurant is tiny; there are not many tables, so if you are at peak dinner time, pay attention to this. The editor and her friends waited about 30 minutes, but the food was worth waiting for, because on the whole, ramen noodles are delicious (their chips are also delicious)! Service is very fast, the staff are very friendly!

Address: 8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Average cost: 19-20 dollars
Opening hours: Sunday closed, Monday to Saturday 11:30-14:30, 17:30-23:30

Taiwan Original Flower Carving Chicken

A very exclusive restaurant, the eating method is a bit like the famous Chongqing Chicken but added with flower carving wine to make chicken more soft and tender, and chicken also tightly locked the mellow of the flower carving. Some time ago, the store became heated in Vancouver and soon opened a branch in Main St, where the weekend used to be largely queued. It’s not just chicken; their seafood, clam pots are also quite popular.

Address: 1160-8580Alexandra Road, Richmond
Average cost: 30–50 dollars
Opening hours: 17:00-0:00; Tuesday closed

Shushan Heroes

Main in cold pot string incense, it is a relatively high cost-effective restaurant, the decoration of it is very distinctive, two kinds of spicy, “bear spicy” and “hero spicy” can meet the different tastes of customers, it is worth mentioning that the dry dish chili noodles are said to be from Chengdu by air, the people who miss the flavor of the hometown Chengdu cannot miss!

Address: 8580 Alexandra Rd, Richmond
Average cost: 20 dollars
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 17:00-2:00;

Zi Fried

Pancake fruit, this is an instafamous restaurant, all the stars have been there, Wu Yifan, Chen Kun and so on. Central in breakfast and brunch, they not only have regular soy milk, fritters, and tea eggs, they also have upgraded version like foie gras pancakes, beef pancakes, and lobster pancakes, which are the choice of a local tycoon, the eaters must find a chance to taste.

Address: 128-8531Alexandra Road, Richmond
Average cost: 20 dollars
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-14:30; Saturday Sunday 9:00-15:00


A Korean meal of excellent value for money. The fact that they can survive on the edge of the famous Foreign Mother’s house shows that they must have merit, the editor like their spicy fried rice cake very much, their lunch special is also very popular, a lunchbox of $10.99 is a very cheap lunch choice. Interior decoration is also very antique, the overall atmosphere makes people very comfortable.

Address: 100-8400Alexandra Road, Richmond
Average cost: 20 dollars
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00-22:30

The above is the hidden food street guide from the editor!