UHUBOR is a community that believes sharing supports sustainability.  We affirm that resources, skills, and knowledge should be shared. By doing this, we develop stronger relationships that can build connections between cultures and develop a better understanding between individuals, groups, and communities.

Sharing a resource can change a life. Sharing skills and knowledge can project someone into a new direction.

UHUBOR will make users’ lives better and more sustainable, it will provide more opportunities, freedom, and access to whatever they desire in life.

UHUBOR works by 3 core values that are built into everything we do




Our Story So Far

UHUBOR stems from a UBC student initiative called U-HUB, founded on the principle that sustainable living can be improved by the act of sharing within a community. After months of research and hosting community sharing events, the group's founders decided to combine this philosophy with the latest app technology, in order to better serve the UBC campus community. The team reimagined how sharing can influence a community and developed an app based platform to be the perfect solution for sharing while shaping communities to become more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable